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Further stanzas in Valdyan (LONG!)

From:Irina Rempt <ira@...>
Date:Wednesday, April 21, 1999, 22:56
Here's the lot of it in Valdyan, starting with a revised version of
the first stanza (for the nature of the revisions see my other

Six completely new roots from the Spare Roots File, and about a dozen
new derivations.

Some notes on pronunciation and stress:

lh - voiceless lateral fricative (Welsh ll), l-with-a-stroke
ch - voiceless velar fricative, /x/
r  - velar trill, /R/
rh - voiceless velar trill
y  - unrounded high central vowel (the thing written in Russian as
     small "61"), i-with-a-stroke
/ea/, /ie/, /yi and /ye/ are rising diphthongs, /ai/, /ay/ and /ei/
     are falling diphthongs

Otherwise "standard European pronunciation" applies. I promise to do
a full ASCII-IPA overview as soon as I finish rewriting the

Affixes (and flexion morphemes) are usually unstressed; stress tends
to be on the stem or on its penultimate syllable if it has more than
one. The exception is cu- "what, which", which is very hungry for


Lhyp! Badin gulynayt!
Ine iran besh farinenas chalenan.
Ei! Culea i vuria a bychesat?
Had in craz so cach
Doparne ine cunie laynynat
Ei, salei i ryleset!
Norenin lastinin hune abruve.


> Xipu! Manxu.ri penera.r > EXCL plum.p fall.PRS
Lhyp! Badin gulynayt! splat plum-nom-p fall-PRS-3p
> Sero t'e.r.neno berya.deryo relshna.r > 1sHGH have.PRS.DUR 10.4=09 summer.p
Ine iran moch salnenan chalenan I ten four summer-acc-p see-PERF-PRS-1s Recycled bits here. _Salnen_ "summer" is derived from _salne_ "ripe, mature".
> Tau ajim t' t'imti e.sero u! > NEG ask_for.EXP.AFF heart POS.1sHGH EXCL
Ei, ni razie i vuria na bychenat. Oh, NEG youth me soul-acc NEGV demand-PRF-PRS-3s _Razie_ refers to anyone from the mid-teens to the early twenties, men as well as women.
> The aspect suffix <-ze> is glossed as experiential: I'm not so sure > that that is the correct analysis.
It defaults to perfective in Valdyan; it's something that has already happened (or rather, in this case, has already failed to happen). _Ni_ is a negation for anything except verbs, _na_ is the verbal negation that's obligatory if the subject or an object is negated.
> Yudirci e.sero t'e.t'e berya.kari azhemu > younger_sister POS.1sHGH have.DUP 10.3 year
Ta.parne in iran besh relyinan amrenat DIM-sibling my ten three year-acc-p live-PRF-PRS-3s As I pointed out in another post, this is a normal way to say "thirteen years old".
> Ye sera k'ari chuam.lei laya ajum > and 3sHGH yesterday marry.PRT1 handsome man
Hanrie echain so az ensen cunien lonynenat day-loc previous and with man-dat handsome-dat get.married-PRF-PRS-3s
> P'a ajir sero > ADH someone court.FUT1.AFF 1sHGH
Ei, salei i ryleset! oh someone me court-INC-IRR-3s
> At'a sero ghadza lodha perve=20 > before 1sHGH die like snowdrop
Cul crysei lasten datay runen. like snow-gen-s flower before die-IRR-1s III =20
> Xipu! Manxu.ri penera.r > EXCL plum.p fall.PRS
Lhyp! Badin gulynayt! splat plum-nom-p fall-PRS-3p
> Sero t'e.r.neno berya.loryo raxna.r > 1sHGH have.PRS.DUR 10.5 autumn.p
Ine iran ran pulena chalenan I ten five harvest-acc-p see-PERF-PRS-1s =20
> Tautau ajim t'eheran.ze.r t'imti e.sero u! > NEG.DUP man court.PRF.PRS heart POS.1sHGH EXCL
Ei, ni salei razie i vuria na bychenat Oh, NEG any-M youth me soul-acc NEGV demand-PRF-PRS-3s Boudewijn tells me that "court" is a typo, and should be "ask.for" as in the first stanza. I'll let it stand in his glosses and translate it as it should be. _ni salei razie_ "not any young man", "not a single young man".
> Naha tewir.lei sero ok=E9 netu > mother lock_up.PRT1 1sHGH behind wall
Nane bedhien nuis i renenat mother wall-loc behind me imprison-PRF-PRS-3s
> T'an shemai maizing weru e.yudirci > GEN sew wedding_gown 2 poss.younger_sister
Lonyenin feala taparnei doraziei da mulen fere. wedding-gen gown-acc DIM.sibling-gen AUG.young-gen for.. sew-IRR-1s _taparnei doraziei_ "still younger sister" (i.e. younger than the one in stanza II); _da mulen fere_ "so that I sew", "in order for me to sew".
> P'a ajir sero > ADH someone court.FUT1.AFF 1sHGH
Ei, salei i ryleset! oh someone me court-INC-IRR-3s
> At'a sero ghadza lodha s=FCve=20 > before 1sHGH die like poppy
Cul ruzyn datay runen. like poppy before die-IRR-1s IV =20
> Xipu! Manxu.ri penera.r > EXCL plum.p fall.PRS
Lhyp! Badin gulynayt! splat plum-nom-p fall-PRS-3p
> Sero t'e.r.neno berhasri perhnar > 1sHGH have.PRS.DUR 16 winter.p
Ine iran raich ferhenan chalenan I ten six winter-acc-p see-PERF-PRS-1s
> Ye tauna ajim t' t'imti esero u! > and never man court.FUT1 heart POS.1sHGH EXCL
Ei, natay ni razie i vuria na bychesit. Oh, never NEG youth me soul-acc NEGV demand-INC-FUT-3s This gives quite a nice pile-up of negations; "never" as well as those required by the subject and the verb. The inceptive future is most often used for predictions. =20
> Tima k'ari yetan t'an sero ghadza > because yesterday night GEN 1sHGH die
Havien echain hune =20 night-loc previous because=20
> T'an gedel cravain t'imti esero reka > GEN lonely sorrow heart POS.1sHGH LOC
aldie chanyes vurie ien runenan sorrow-ins lonely-ins soul-loc my-loc die-PRF-PRS-1s I had to move the verb to the next line, because "to die of something" in Valdyan is _<something-in-the-instrumental-case> runa_.
> P'a tajir koloranma sero > ADH no-one imitate.FUT1 1sHGH
Ei, ni nalea i na bradeset Oh, NEG nobody me NEGV copy-INC-IRR-3s _Brada_ "to copy from an original", "to follow a model", "to emulate": "let nobody start doing as I do" =20
> Tima sero ghadza lodha choive > because 1sHGH die like cornflower
cul lasten nestyn hune runan. like flower eye because die-PRS-1s _Lasten nestyn_ "eye-flower", probably because of the colour, even though nobody has eyes *that* colour. =20 V =20
> Ladna.r! P'a t'an wenta e.sero gihatu > people.p ADH GEN story POS.1sHGH listen
Rastien! Laysinan inan chyraye people-voc-p story-acc my-acc
> P'a chuam at'a tau.chuam.jinu > ADH marry before NEG.marry.POT
Lonynaye lonyna datay na.vereye get.married-PRS-IMP-p get.married-INF before NEG.can-IRR-2p
> Tima sero laya lodha manve > Because 1sHGH beautiful like cherry-blossom
Ine norenin lastinin hune a.cunie I cherry-abl-p blossom-abl-p because EQ.beautiful
> Sero lesha lodha perve > 1sHGH fresh like snowdrop
Ine crysei lastein a.rayen I snow-abl flower-abl EQ.fresh =20
> Sero xixi lodha s=FCve > 1sHGH tender like poppy
Ine ruzeyn a.mile I poppy-abl EQ.delicate
> Tarna sero ghadza lodha choive! > but 1sHGH die like cornflower
Ine so cul lasten nestyn runenan. I but like flower eye die-PRF-PRS-1s I kept all the instances of emphatic "I" to contrast it with the "people" spoken to (in the vocative plural! never thought I'd have a good reason to use that), and also because there's no copula in Valdyan so the clauses need a focus (except the last one, which does have a verb, but it sounds better with the _ine_.) I can't do it any more poetically - I'm satisfied, for the moment, that I could do it grammatically :-) Irina Varsinen an laynynay, saraz no arlet rastinay. (myself) (English) (Nederlands)