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Workshops Review #16

From:Isaac Penzev <isaacp@...>
Date:Monday, April 14, 2003, 9:16
Better later than never. With a short delay I present you
REVIEW #16, the week from Apr 06 to Apr 12, 2003

Amerind Conlangs:

1 msg. An apriori celtoid was presented by Hotmyol.

East Asian Conlangs:
12 msgs. More talks about emphasis. Under discussion: Trangzhik [Viktoro],
Lahabic [Theophilus Habarakhe], Gamelan [Mathias "Takatunu"].

2 occasional msgs. Eamon Graham asks about Weltdeutsch. What do you know about
the languages of Lotharingia, esp. in Chralemagne's times?

29 msgs. Top hit of the week. Aingel promotes his Aingeljã by means of
Origin of "s" in Spanish "despues". Distinctions "ser/estar", "por/para". Fate
of Latin preposition "apud". Prepositions in Carrajena [Adam Walker].
The group was attacked by a spammer, and our good friend Dan Jones couldn't
remove that bastard from the list, because Yahoo! didn't recognize him as the
Listowner. Boo to Yahoo!

23 msgs. Vozgian [Jan van Steenbergen] phonology and final decisions on
orthography. Skuodian [Pavel Iosad] and Vozgian nominal declension: -â and -jâ
stems. Are there postpositions in North Slavic langs due to Uralic influence?
See Sevorian [Jan Havlis].

Uraliconlang: is
22 msgs. Vozgian (see above) phonology was discussed in Uralic context. Abur,
the old Komi alphabet: does it have anything in common with runes? Vaksje finds
Sámi resource:
Origin of vowel harmony and cases in Proto-Uralic. Langs that lost v.h.:
Estonian, Permian and Ob-Ugric langs.

West Asian Conlangs:
5 msgs. Eamon Graham experiments with Arabic creole. Possible phonological
processes of simplification: suggestions accepted. Three verb aspects of
Emegali[Habarakhe Theophilus].

Enjoy the spring, ppl!
My best wishes to all the Jewry of the List on the occasion of the Passover!
Pesahh sameahh vekasher!


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