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Re: vowels: are they necessary?

From:Daniel Asserbo <conlang@...>
Date:Saturday, December 11, 2004, 17:53
On 11.12.2004, at 01:40, Stephen Mulraney wrote:

> Carlos Alberto Martinez wrote: > >> >> I thought I've read somewhere, that czech for "cross" is "krst", this >> qualifies >> as a vowelless word methinks. > > The _r_ is the vowel (like in the second syllable of English _better_, > although the > Czech _r_ is trilled IIRC) (yes, syllabic and trilled.. :).
A Czech example sentence with only vocalic _r_: "Strc prst skrs krk" which means (IIRC): "Stick your finger into your throat". They also have vocalic _l_: "vlk" ("wolf"). Cognates from Czech usually have more vowels, e.g. the German name "Wildschek" which indeed comes from "vlcek" which is a diminutive of "vlk". Greetings, Dan.As.