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OT Re: anti-Sanskritism and more

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Tuesday, December 2, 2003, 17:17
Adrian wrote:
> Incidentally, I was reminiscing with my family earlier today that when > we were in Germany we tried to play card games using German language, > but were, at the time, unable to find a German equivalent of "pass".
FWIW, and to put this thread on its true OT track--- I played a lot of bridge in Indonesia, hesitantly at first because I assumed there would be language problems. However, it was quite simple after the first session: Spades -- skop(en), Du schop Hearts -- hert(en) Diamonds -- roit(en), Du. ruit Clubs -- tref (what's the Du??) No Trump -- sans (for Fr. sans atout, I believe)-- that would make "trump" _atú_ though I don't recall using that word Educated Indonesians were probably pronouncing the Du. words correctly. The plurals were not generally used in bidding-- dua hert, lima tref '2 hearts, 5 clubs', but were in e.g. tak punya herten '(I) don't/didn't have any hearts' to bid-- bid; in bidding, one used Indo. numbers, e.g. "dua sans" two no-trump pass -- pas or "tak bisa bid" (I) can't bid trick -- trik A nice international mish-mash.