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Wikipedia: Conlang articles in danger

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Monday, July 25, 2005, 14:18

I'd like to forward a posting to the relay list that has created quite
some discussion there.  The topic seems very appropriate for
discussion on the main Conlang list, so here it is.  When answering,
please keep the CC to the relay list for those that have only
subscribed to that list.

Angel Serrano writes:
> Hello all. > > I write this message to warn you that there are some articles about > conlangs (such as Aingelja, Wenedyk, Brithenig or Breathanach) that > are in danger of deletion in Wikipedia. As you may know, Wikipedia > ( is a project where anybody can write and > modify articles of a free online Encyclopedia. > > Some days ago, I determined to write an article about my conlang > Aingelja, as I had read Jan van Steenbergen's article about his > Wenedyk. To my surprise, not only my article is candidate to deletion, > but also the ones about Brithenig and Breathanach. (Wenedyk is safe by > now). The reason: they are "not notable" conlangs, nothing to do with > Esperanto and others with thousands or hundred of thousands speakers > in the world. > > I need your collaboration: if any of you is a registered user in > Wikipedia, please vote to keep these articles. I think conlangs are > interesting enough to be include d in this free Encyclopedia. > > Vote here: > > > > > Click on "Edit this page" and write your vote ("Keep"). Then click on "Save page". > > Thanks in advance!!! > > Angel Serrano. > A pagga doul'Aingeljã - Angelian's Homepage >
Bye, Henrik