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i have no word for it ..

From:claudio <claudio.soboll@...>
Date:Sunday, August 5, 2001, 14:44
good day.
the most natlanguages lacks even with most basic terms.
you may not need them as a caveman to survive, but some are
obviously not evolved, they just have a fuzzy hypernym.
so it is with the keywords: "expectation" and "normality" and "habit".

expectation category 1:
that cows dont fly.
that dogs dont talk japanese.
that a rubber ball bounces off a metal wall, and doenst break through it.
or in other words, that things happen, that, if they would not happen,
would be called "magic" or "a wonder", or "a hokuspokus trick", or "illusion"..
things that are ought to happen according to physical laws.
its the opposite of "magic".  or in other words:
"they must happen events" vs. "broken physical laws events that are

expectation category 2:
that our elektric devices work as usually.
that our car starts up.
that it doesnt hails in midsummer.
or in other words: things that are ought to happen, but they rarely may not happen,
and then were puzzled. but its not "magic" when e.g. our car went kaput.
or in other words : "they should happen events" vs. "broken habit events that are puzzling"

expectation category 3:
that a pedestrian wants to cross the street and we have to watch out to stop the car.
that it rains on a cloudy day.
that a traffic light turns red.
or in other words: things that may happen, and we have to take them into account.
when they dont happen we dont notice it. they are events of "chaos" that always may happen.
or in other words : "they may happen events"

three categories of "normality" or "expectations", but always the same ?
you cant isolate every event into one of these categories,
they are obvious tendencies, like the terms "subjectivity" and "objectivity".