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Tag questions

From:Carlos Thompson <carlos_thompson@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 15, 2000, 4:50
Writing about Biwa interrogative mood, I wondered if there was
somethng about a tag question, and how would it come.

I would understand as tag question when you say something (in
indicative) and then wonder if that is true.

In Spanish there are several forms to make tag questions, one is
asking "¿no cierto?" (Isn't true?), but this tag question don't
usually expect an answer.  The most common is probably asking "¿o no?"
or "¿o sí?" according to the positiveness of the indication.

English also changes the positiveness, but adds the auxiliary and the
pronoun and drops the conjunction: "Didn't I?", "Did I?"...

Swedish uses an invariant expression, either "Eller hur?" (or how?) or
"Vad?" (what?) this later is a little slangishy and was pronounced
(and usually spelled) as "Va?".

Well, AFMC

In Chleweyish the question word is always finnal and all questions are
kind of tag questions:
  doy wabbe -- I write
  doy wabbe va? -- Do I write. -or- I write, don't I?

(somebody guess where did I borrowed "va"?)

In Biwa, the respective (tense agreement) interrogative modal is used:
  Gij flerda pé dimbe el.  Cij?
  Gij flerda ár dimbe el.  Cij?

  Carlos Eugenio Thompson Pinzón
  Bogotá, Colombia
  ICQ: 19156333