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Re: OT: Ohm of Borg (Re: OT: Inspiration (was Re: Alphabet)))

From:nd003k <nd003k@...>
Date:Tuesday, November 6, 2001, 22:41
> > voyager and enterprise yes but not so much deep space > nine > > Well, I picked up a lot from the Bajoran religious rites. > And the Cardassian > dominant society with an extreme respect for family > values... The Dominion > Wars and the subservience of various cultures to those of > the founders.... > > Ok, Voyager visits new cultures each episode, but they > don't delve into as > deeply as DS9 does... bioth have their merits. > > Maarten
well that's what i meant... it was in response to a comment someone else made about a new conculture every week... i think ds9 was much better than voyager though i'm reserving judgment on the new series nothing is impossible... ..nicole