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HTML entities (was Re: a very interesting case system)

From:Jeff 'japhy' Pinyan <japhy@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 5, 2003, 2:49
On Feb 4, Narivek Shotale said:

>How does one make diacritical markings and special >characters (thorn, adh) on the Internet?
Here's one site: You can make thorn with &thorn; and &THORN; (for lower- and upper-case), but I can't find a name for the adh character; use the web site's numerical value (&#240;). -- Jeff "japhy" Pinyan RPI Acacia brother #734 <stu> what does y/// stand for? <tenderpuss> why, yansliterate of course. [ I'm looking for programming work. If you like my work, let me know. ]


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