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Re: To What Extent is Standard Finnish a Conlang?

From:John Vertical <johnvertical@...>
Date:Monday, February 20, 2006, 9:06
>- If a nominal has comparative and superlative forms, I call it >"adjective". (Note that some of the things I call "substantive" have >comparative forms; e.g. _ilta_ "evening" -> _illemmalla_ "later in >the evening". They don't have superlative forms AFAIK, though.)
"Illoin"? :) (...Yes, I know it's just a case of homomorfy. Moving on...)
>(And >I'm sure that some of the things I call "adjective" don't form >comparatives and/or superlatives, but I can't think of any off the >top of my head, except for _pikku_ "little", which doesn't inflect >for case or number either.
There's several roots like "pikku", "valko", "äkä", "etä" which seem to be used almost solely as derived adjectives ("-inen"), but they still compound without the suffix as usual. I guess "pikku" is an exception since it can also be used as a separate attribute ("pikkukivi", "valkokivi", "pikku koira"; but not *"valko koira") (Translation for the rest of the list: "valkoinen" = white; "äkäinen" = angry; "etäinen" = distant; "kivi" = stone; "koira" = dog) I'm not sure if expressions like "pikku koira" and "pikkukoira" have any difference, however (except in case either has a specialized meaning), so it might be just a case of oddly allowing spelling these compounds with a space. The rules for when to use a space in a compound and when to not always seemed somewhat arbitrary to me anyway.
>As for other non-comparing >(terminology??) adjectives, I guess that at least the usual semantic >restrictions apply -- for example, words like "optimal" don't have a >comparative or superlative because that would be silly. ;)
I still hear "optimaalisin" all the time. :) Of course, my original point was NOT to say that there isn't a difference in standard Finnish between what are usually called nouns and adjectives, but just that the meaning of the word "noun" is wider.
>Regards, >Julia
John Vertical


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