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Distribution of Front Rounded Vowels

From:Ben Poplawski <thebassplayer@...>
Date:Tuesday, August 24, 2004, 5:51
I've been working on the Conlang Evolution Experiment
and recently am attempting a descendant to ñakiw pym wifiw kingewhàwwas

While applying the sound changes, I noticed that there is an awful lot of
the vowel [y]. The sound already appears in the parent language and is
multiplied by the vowels [i] and [u] reciprocally affecting each other to [y].

The first line of the Babel text in the parent lang is:

?ix&S mi4up hQk fQk wifiw kiNewSiw jyp wifuj nafoSSiw

In the daughter it is:

jiSES my4p hOk fOk vivy tSyJ9Zy yp vyvy novoSy.

And now my question: what is the normal distribution of front rounded
vowels? Something tells me the overabundance of them in the daughter lang is



Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>