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Re: affixes

From:# 1 <salut_vous_autre@...>
Date:Sunday, February 20, 2005, 17:30
Mark J. Reed wrote:

>A LIFO grammar opens up possibilities that go beyond the structure of a >single sentence. There's no reason you can't mention a noun, or >several, and then do absolutely nothing with them, just leaving them on >the stack, until after you've constructed several other complete >sentences, and then suddenly complete the thought involving an early >noun. Humans don't think that way, and would have trouble remembering >what the original noun was, but the Fith apparently actually process >language with a stack in their brains, so there's no difficulty for >them.
OK!! I didn't understand that words accumulation could be used around the sentences. I tought that a sentence were closed when all the preciding nouns were in a single group, linked be several operators.. But if they can be used as long there is a speech, the deck probably has to be completely used when a speech ends, there should not stay any unused nouns? Or maybe fithian may keep some nouns for another point he's planning to say, in an argumentation or in a speech cut by interventions of someone else, with their words crossing their talking times, or maybe even sharing some nouns. Sharring a noun with someone else may be a form a poetry, or even a kid-game for people thinking that way: one give a long list of nouns and the other has to add other nouns and modifiers to form something inteligible Also I imagine that in that world, stopping someone who's talking is a real mark of disrespect because the whole sense may wait to the end to appear and cutting someone stop that meaning. ..... Finally, that's too complicated to understand: I'll continue to work with simple concepts.. or try to invent one I'll be mentally able to master. - Max