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Re: Euromniskript (< Hello)

Date:Friday, November 16, 2007, 22:18
> [] On Behalf Of David J. Peterson
> << > Then I have the a priori script for Deini (complete with font and > keyboard drivers) > > > > >> > > Huh. There's a correspondence between a couple of these
> and Zhyler characters: > > Deini <-> Zhyler > [Z] = [g] > [S] = [k] > [dZ] = [G] > [tS] = [x]
Coincidence, not surprising since I used such basic shapes. The Deini script started out schematically with each consonant having a glyph representing a particular point of articulation, then rotating or flipping them to differentiate voiced from unvoiced and stops from fricatives. The nasals are sort of taken from the stops. The affricates were made by combining the forms for D+ZZ and T+SS. BTW: There are Unicode points dedicated to private use, so it's possible to make a font and a coding system for conscripts without relying on existing scripts. Notice the Deini script has been assigned code within that range.