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joining concultures,was Re: Alternative histories

From:And Rosta <a.rosta@...>
Date:Thursday, January 21, 1999, 20:21
Andrew to Carlos:
> > For me it fits... it seams it doesn't for John Cohan. I've been working on how a map > > would show borders today and there are a great state east of Mississippi of European > > descendents, and Lemuraki and other American countries at the West, of the Mississippi > > and Ohio rivers, and Quebec and territories that belong to Denmark-Norway and Russia > > at the North... probably it would be very incompatible with the universe Chomros live > > in. > > At this stage I am happy to allow Brithenig to exist in a shared conlang > timeline, but reserve the right for Brithenig enthusiasts to continue to > develop our own alternative history.
With regard to Livagia, I decided that since there is a world in which, say, the UK exists and Livagia doesn't, and since there is a world in which both the UK and Livagia exist, there are further worlds in which Livagia and Kemr exist but the UK doesn't, and a world with Livagia & UK but no Kemr, and so on. The issue then for me is merely which world to document, tho since I am currently wholly without time to document anything at all, the issue is not pressing. --And.