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Re: Excel for word generation

From:John-Emmanuel <jokerhand@...>
Date:Sunday, December 23, 2001, 13:05
Clint Jackson Baker ghItlh:

: In response to Steve Kremer:
: You can use it if your language uses only one- or
: two-syllable words (or roots, as in the case of my
: conlang).  I listed the possible first syllables
: across the top, thus naming the columns.  Then I did
: the same for the second syllables in naming the rows.
: To enter a word, I go to the last syllable first and
: "light up" the whole row by clicking on the number of
: the row.  Then I just find the proper column for the
: first syllable, click on the cell, and make my entry,
: first in English and then in Kayasanoda.
: Yes, it's somewhat tedious, but I don't own my own
: computer, so I have to use what's available to me.
: At least it's faster than trying to do everything on
: paper.
: Hope this helps everyone.
: Clint

You might also want to have a look at LangMaker:

Cheers :)

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