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Weakly [sic] vocab

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 28, 2004, 13:00
On Jan 23 Takatunu wrote:
>This weak I made 4 different batches as variations on one theme. I guess I
made a few English mistakes but I hope they are not to confusing. (Ahem, the word is -week--.) Here's a selection, with some (to me) necessary changes-
>Please write to your friend in this room and with this pen an essay about your >conlang in your script but in English.-->
In this room and with this pen, please write to your seq. ri atel tayu i umit kangu tayu, turole úrika kambrayeti akurum liri sende-ahandi, umit añawurini mowa umit sende ingiles. In room this and use pen this, beg write-IMP friend-dat-your essay concerning language-invent-your, use writing-system-its but use language English. (Odd-MS Word capitalized the first word "ri" as expected, but also "ingiles"-how did it know to do that?)
>I baked the dough and the cake was soon baked --> I prepared the dough [masa, for now] and ......
marukaram masani i kumusni (or kumus yu) cumicu yaçutoço I-CAUS-prepare dough-its and cake-its (cake that) soon it-INCH-bake
>This bottle was filled with wine and that other one was full of water.
Krala tayu yalondo poren, yu liya(ni) (ya)londo sawu Bottle this it-full wine, that other(def.) (it)full water Literal passive-like trans. of the first clause with a causative verb might lead to something interesting-an inanimate noun in the dative (this construction just occurred to me): Kralaye tayu irundondo poren... lit. bottle-dat this they-filled wine(acc.)....or ("active") PRON-rundondo kralaye poren...
>Now both are empty so please refill them.
Tanju loroni iyumbu, ene maturo (niç) rundóndoka cis Now both they-empty, and-so I beg (them) CAUS-fill-IMP again
>Let me smell your flowers.
Literal: ámbukapo re matola aveçti. Permit-IMP-just THAT I-smell flower-pl-your OR: aka marumbo matola aveçti? Q I-may I-smell flowers-your?
>This flower smells of honey.
Aves tayu tolani sukevu [honey analogue]
>Flowers perfume the room with a heady scent.
Aveç(ni) irutoyom atelni (~atel yu) (i) soyoñi (ya)çaka Flowers(def) they-CAUS-fragrant room-def (room that) (and) fragrant-of them (it-)powerful
>I tasted the grilled cricket and it tastes like chicken.
Mañoñat cici nakuça, kuñatni popo I-taste bug fire-cook, taste-of-it "popo" [Cinduan chicken analogue]
>I am obsessed by her thought (= by my thought(s) of her)
me cakatingas ombi alo ambilami lirini (liriniye) me-dat ACCID-inspect because from thought-my w.r.t.-him/her/it (liriniye =spec. Fem) or elliptical: me cakatingas iniye (....that-gen-fem) "I'm obsessed with/by her" (tingas 'look at, look over, inspect' so the Accidental form with dative "subject"is "overcome (in a bad way) by looking at things= obsessive"; with a nominative subj. it means 'to nit-pick, be a nit-picker, sambat cakatingas iya na 'He's such a nit-picker!')
>You look lost in your thoughts
ciyondi cakapila(po) seem/appear-your ACCID-think(-just) PERHAPS: ciyoñi te cakapila 'apparently ~it appears you're lost in thought'
>I love you although you smell.
Te masisa kambun haçahu You-dat I-love even-though you-smell(bad)
>You smell but I still love you.
Haçahu mowa anje te masisa.
>I'll accept if you beg me.--> I'll take (it) if you beg me
mafilan pun me haturo I-take if me-dat you-beg