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VOCABULARY AID: Basic and Additional Vocabulary (topics 38 - 48)

From:Carsten Becker <naranoieati@...>
Date:Tuesday, December 21, 2004, 11:19
La cinquième partie ... still 25 topics to go!


IX. Economy

38. Work and working conditions

accident, account, advantage, agreement, application,
arrangement, deed, energy, gain, job, labour, mechanic,
pay, payment, profession, raise, rate, reward, salary,
union, wage(s), wage-earner, work -- to advance, to agree,
to attend, to earn, to employ, to engage, to enter, to
gain, to hire, to pay, to unite, to work -- careful,
careless, joint, unable, unemployed, (un)favourable,

vocation, calling/career, Labour Office/Exchange, vocational
adviser, vacancy, applicant (for), income / livelihood,
economy, insurance, labour/working conditions, working
class, tariff, employer / employee, personell, staff,
working hours, unemployment, vacation, pay envelope / wage
slip, (shorthand) typist, unemployed, out of work,
industrial, industrious, diligent / energetic, efficient,
imperative, indispensible

39. Craft (cf. 46)

bag, baggage, basket, bed, beef, beer, belt, bench, block,
boad, bow, bowl, box, bread, brick, brush, bunch, butcher,
button, cake, can, cap, chair, coat, cup, curl, cushion,
dress, fashion, hair, hat, key, kitchen, knife, ladder,
lamp, leaf, meat, model, nail, needle, order, organ, paint,
painter, paper, piece, pocket, practice, price, profit,
quality, quantity, rope, saddle, saw, scissors, shirt,
sleeve, stroke, tailor, tie, tool, towel, trunk, tube,
wall, watch, wear, weight, wheel -- to beat, to bend, to
bind, to break, to build, to cast, to curl, to cut, to
exercise, to fold, to furnish, to kill, to make, to nail,
to order, to paint, to polish, o produce, to rub, to
scrape, to screw, to stamp, to strike, to throw, to turn,
to twist, to wear, to weave, to weigh, to wind, to wipe, to
wrap -- careful, careless, modern, smooth, tight

Further verbs and adjectives cf. 38.

craft, craftsman, artisan, journeyman, apprentice,
apprenticeship, workshop, implement, mason, bricklayer,
baker, miller, hair-dresser, barber, carpenter, joiner,
upholsterer, glazier, plumber, smith / locksmith, saddler,
shoemaker, watchmaker, optician, bookseller, printer,
engineer, furrier, weaver, spinner, carrier, dressmaker,
chimney-sweep, miner, anvil, chisel, screw-driver, drill,
gimlet, plane, file, spanner, wrench, joiner's bench, vice,
hatchet, a pair of pincers, to slaughter, to grind (ground,
ground), to solder, to spin (spun, spun), to tan, to dye,
to gild / to plate, to glaze, to plane, to bore, to melt,
to found, to sharpen, to weld, to rivet (to), to utilize,
to adjust, to produce s.o., to transport, by means
of, crafty, intentive

40. Industry (cf. 38/39)

advertisement, affair, association, bargain, bicycle, bill,
book, branch, bridge, business, car, carriage, chief,
clothes, control, cost, deal, factory, field, firm, head,
industry, inquiry, make, management, manager, market, mass,
mine, model, order, plant, plate, price, production,
profit, quality, quantity, representative, return, sale,
seat, staff, test, toy, trade, training, treatment, trial,
type, want, wear, work(s), yield -- to advertise, to buy,
to control, to cost, to effect, to establish, to manage, to
order, to produce, to provide, to sell, to send, to supply,
to test, to wear, to work, to yield -- busy, economical,
expensive, ugly, waste

Further verbs and adjectives cf. 38/39

key-/heavy/basic/motor industry, enterprise,
cotton/paper/rolling/saw mill, spinning/weaving mill,
iron-/glass works, coal-mine, colliery, coal-pit, shaft,
foundry, blast-furnace, quarry, laboratory, inventor,
apparatus, crane, conveyor belt, assembly line, lathe,
process, finished products/goods, trade-mark, shutdown,
lock-out, shift, manufacturer, industrial, enterprising,

41. Resources and Materials

ball, band, bar, chain, chalk, cloth, gold, iron, leather,
material, means, parcel, sack, salt, sand, seed, sheet,
shell, skin, snow, soap, soil, sort, steam, steel, stock,
stone, store, straw, string, stripe, stuff, sugar, thread,
water, wire, wood -- to solve, to sort, to supply, to
unload, to win -- bad, broad, hard, soft, solid, sour,
stiff, strong, tender, thin, tight, weak

mineral, copper, lead, brass, platinum, sheet-iron,
quicksilver, sulphur, peat, tar, sand-stone, gravel,
pebble, clay, limestone, rock-salt, granite, marble /
slate, plaster of Paris, rubber / resin, uranium, raw
silk / silk dress, crystal, copper coin, iron bar, leather
coat, fluid, steely

Further adjectives cf. basic vocabulary

42. House-builiding: Building and Planning

admission, arrangement, bottom, building, circle, condition,
cottage, destruction, difficulty, effort, farm, front,
ground, home, hotel, house, inn, iron, metal, middle,
place, plan, position, rent, scale, shelter, simpicity,
size, slope, soil, space, spot, square, stage, station,
tent, theatre, tower, view -- to add, to arrange, to
attach, to build, to destroy, to develop, to handle, to
plan, to rent -- difficult, expensive, flat, irregular,
simple, square -- above, around, aside, behind, beneath,
beside, under

structure, site, construction, foundation, blue print, beam,
pole, concrete, timber (Am lumber), dwelling-house, block
of flats (Am apartment house), to erect, to raise, to
construct, to enlarge, to enlarge, stately / neat,
magnificent, splendid, insanitary, cosy, snug

43. House-building: Buildings (cf. 54)

brick, court, cross, flight of stairs, floor, frame, garden,
gate, glass, grass, hall, key, passage, screw, stairs,
steel, step, stone, story, story, tool, wall, well, wood --
to cover, to fasten, to move, to occupy, to open, to rent,
to scrape, to stay, to step -- broad, empty, high, think

dwelling/lodgings, ground-/(Am) first floor, threshold,
front-door, basement, nursery, pantry,
sitting-/living-room, water-closet, lavatory, ceiling,
pane, shutter, lift (Am elevator), pillar, to unlock, to
lodge, to reside, to dwell (dwelt, dwelt), spacious,
furnished, tidy, resident/living at, steep

44. Furniture, Equipment

bar, bath, bed, bell, chair, clock, curtain, furniture, key,
kitchen, picture, piece, sheet, table -- to arrange, to
bathe, to beat, to fasten -- ancient, beautiful, hard,
high, low, modern, nice, old, poor, rich, round, simple,
solid, thick

household, wardrobe / cupboard, sideboard, desk, writing
table, easy chair, sofa / couch, chest of drawers, carpet
(Am rug), looking-glass, mirror, piano / grand piano,
stool, radio/television set, waste-paper basket,
refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, dustbin (Am ashcan),
sewing-machine, cofee-ill, typewriter, upholstery, to tone
with, to tidy (Am to straighten up), elegant

45. Heating and Lightning

coal, electricity, fire, gas, hea, lamp, light, match,
range, screen, smoke, wood -- to burn, to flash, to hang,
to heat, to light, to shine, to smoke -- clear, cold, dark,
electric(al), hot, light, warm

fire-place, firing, central heating, stove / stove-pipe,
fuel, (electric) bulb, spark, match-box, candle, lighter,
electric torch, flashlight, socket, outlet, to kindle, to
extinguish, brightly lit

46. Household Goods

bag, balance, ball, barrel, basin, belt, bench, board,
bottle, bowl, box, brush, can, cap, clock, cover, curtain,
cushion, glass, hammer, knife, ladder, object, paint, pan,
pen, pencil, pin, pipe, plate, string, thread, towel -- to
attach, to bend, to brush,k to cast, to clean, to cut, to
damage, to empty, to fasten, to paint, to polish, to
repair, to scrape, to take off, to tie -- economic(al),
necessary, new, sharp, solid, useful

tray, shovel, broom(stick), china, jug, pail, bucket, sieve,
hook, corkscrew, ash-tray, ironing-board, wax, glue, to
hook, to sieve, to wax, to grind (ground, ground), to tie
on, blunt, sticky

47. Wholesale Trade

account, activity, address, advantage, affair, amount,
arrangement, article, association, average, balance, bill,
book, business, call, carriage, coal, commerce, company,
complaint, cost, cotton, damamge, deal, debt, demand,
disadvantage, expense, form, gain, inquiry, message, order,
origin, plant, profit, progress, representative, request,
request, requriement, result, return, risk, ruin, sale,
total, trade, yield -- to address, to advance, to amount,
to balance, to buy, to call, to carry, to cost, to cover,
to damage, to deliver, to estimate, to gain, to inquire, to
orde,r to organize, to profit, to provide, to require, to
reserve, to rise, to risk, to ruin, to satisfy, to sell, to
send, to supply, to total, to trade, to yield -- available,
on the average, busy, commercial, expensive, extraordinary,
extreme, original

wholesale/forein trade, Chamber of Commerce (Am Board of
Trade), joint-stock company, importation/exportation,
purchase, customer, competitor, ware-, storehouse, sample,
specimen, merchandise, pattern, liability, invoice,
gross/net weight, catalogue, receipt, trade-mark, delivery,
dispatch, conveyance, cargo (pl cargoes), partner, to
execute, to import, to dispatch, to convey, to compete
with, profitable, slack, confidential

48. Bank (cf. 47)

account, balance, change, check, confidence, debt, deed,
expense, gold, list, metal, money, owner, possession,
property, protest, savings, silver, statement, stock,
terms, value, worth -- to balance, to change, to draw, to
exchange, to gather, to list, to owe, to own, to possess,
to protest, to save, to solve, to spare -- avialable,
false, more, much, own, valuable

exchange, cheque (Am check), cheque-book, currency,
savings-bank, cash, ready money, bank-note (Am bill), rate
of exchange/of interest, bill (of exchange), credit, funds,
debtor, security, investment / transfer, to deposit, to
secure form, to invest, to credit s.o., to reckon, to
transfer, ample, secure / fireproof

Further verbs and adjectives cf. 47; 49.


Eri silveváng aibannama padangin.
Nivaie evaenain eri ming silvoieváng caparei.
  -- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Le Petit Prince


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