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Re: CHAT: Berkeley conlangers

From:Josh Brandt-Young <vionau@...>
Date:Saturday, October 5, 2002, 22:34
Quoth David Peterson:

> That would be me, and I believe I'm the only one. There's one other > guy here, but I haven't talked to him in awhile, and he's not on the list (he > was).
That would be Adam fact, he's my best friend 'round these parts. It's a shame he's not on the list anymore; he's a bit occupied these days with a girl in New York. :)
> I already took 110 and 130. Anyway, so you're at Berkeley? Are > you on the SLUG e-mail list or the ling. undergraduate list? Have you > gotten any of my e-mails about the Symposium?
Let's see...yes, no, no, and yes. This is my fourth year *in* Berkeley, though only my second year *at* Berkeley--I took two years off to focus theoretically on art but more accurately on working because, as they don't teach you in high school, it's extremely difficult to stay alive with no money. I'm guessing you're a grad student, since you're organizing a symposium...what're you studying? Those darn SLUGs always schedule their darn meetings when I have a darn which I say, bah! Should I get on the mailing list anyway? :) Regarding the Symposium, I did indeed read your notice about it with interest. When is it going to be, again? Do you know yet who'll be speaking? Are there provisions for a three-man Conlangers' Cheer? In any event, I'll be there, so long as it's not in the early morning on a weekend. :) Cheers, Josh ---------- Josh Brandt-Young <vionau@...> "After the tempest I behold, once more, the weasel." (Mispronunciation of Ancient Greek)