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easy sounds

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Date:Wednesday, January 5, 2005, 23:53
I would like to know something

Are there some sounds in phonetic that are easier to do for a baby learning
his mother tongue?

The kid will more easily learn the moves to create the sounds of the
language he first learn, and will always have more difficulty to produce the
sounds that he didn't learn young

But indepedantly of the natal language, are there some sounds that are
easier to produce?

I know that the basic consonant [h] is in almost all the non-roman
languages, and even if it has not been learnt as a kid the person will not
have difficulty to produce that sound so the [h] is probably one of the
easier sound

But I have no idea about the other consonants and about the vowels

I've never heard about a language without the sound [a] (do you know if
there are?) so it is probably also easy to produce

I would also like to know if it is easier to produce an asirated or a
non-aspirated plosive, or wich is the more frequent

And also if there are natlangs where aspirated and non-aspirated consonants
are different phonemes

I want to know it because I would eventualy like to create a language that
would be simple to say for everyone


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