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Re: Dipping my toe in the water

From:Bob Greenwade <bob.greenwade@...>
Date:Monday, January 28, 2002, 20:29
At 03:19 PM 1/27/02 -0800, Elliott Belser wrote:
>>I've thought about a similar thing when compiling my list >>of links to conlangs. There is a major tendency to let >>the name of the conlang begin with A, D, S, T or V. And >>especially T. > >Well, Ng'and'ana doesn't follow that trend now does it?? Welcome to the club!
Nor Rav Zarruvo; nor the one named conlang of the two I'm now working on, Klymaksii. :-] --- Bob's Original Hero Stuff Page! [Circle of HEROS member] Music from Bob's Computer! (CD now available!) Want more hits to your web page?