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Long "k" in North vs West Germanic (was Re: German+Hungarian question)

From:Paul Bennett <paul-bennett@...>
Date:Saturday, September 3, 2005, 20:53
On Sat, 03 Sep 2005 15:53:31 -0400, Stephen Mulraney
<ataltane.conlang@...> wrote:

> On 9/3/05, Joe <joe@...> wrote: >> >> Well, 'c' is quite rare in German outside the combination 'ch'. > > And 'ck' :)
Is this a distinguishing trait between North and West Germanic, that the former will have (etymological?) long-k as |kk| and the latter will have (etymological?) long-k as |ck|? I have done zero research, but the idea just struck me. Paul


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