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Re: OHHH!!!

From:SuomenkieliMaa <suomenkieli@...>
Date:Tuesday, December 11, 2001, 22:24
Quoting SuomenkieliMaa <suomenkieli@...>:
"I take it the majority of conlangers are students..."

On Sat, 8 Dec 2001, Thomas R. Wier wrote:
Presumably you mean on the list. The answer is
that it depends on what you mean. If you mean people
enrolled at a high school or university, then possibly
not.  There are a good number of people on the list
who've been here for most/much of the last decade, and
many of these people don't post as often as they used
to. If you mean, however, people who study something,
like linguistics or conlanging, then the answer is
most certainly yes.

Matt (SuomenkieliMaa) replies -->  Hi Thomas.  No,
actually I meant for the statement just to be a sort
of rhetorical question, not intended for answering.  I
suppose I should have not even written it in that
case, I know.  Thanks for the clarification.

And Boudewijn wrote:
I'm one of the people who doesn't post as much as I
used to.  I don't even read everything anymore (and
some days I don't read anything, not being interested
in English from a conlanging point of view).  I'm not
in University anymore, and when I was, my department
didn't have internet -- but fortunately, I seem to
have hold on to my job, at least for now.

Matt (SuomenkieliMaa) replies -->  Hi Boudewijn.  It's
good to know that I'm not the only one who has to hit
the delete key to a great many of the emails.
Actually, I'll be "no-mail"ing soon -- probably right
before New Years.

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