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onomatopeyics in conlangs

From:Carlos Thompson <cthompso@...>
Date:Friday, November 20, 1998, 21:34
The way we transfer the sound of animals and other sounds from nature
differs culturally...  let's take an example
a barking dog would sound:
  Arf /&@f/? or Wow /waw/ to an Anglosaxon.
  Guau /gwaw/ to a Spanish spoken
  Vov /vOv/ to a Suede...

And a lot of different sounds for different cultures.  I would like to
know how the following onomatopeyics are render in different

   animal     onomatopeyic
 description     sound
(in English)  (in Spanish)
    dog         guau      /gwaw/
    cat         miau      /mjaw/
    roster      kikiriki' /'ki/
    pig         oing|oinc /oiNg/ /oiNk/
    kermit      ribit     /'rri.bit/
    bee         bzz       /bz:/ (odd orthography)
    gun shoot   bang      /baNg/
    explosion   pum       /pum/

Has any conlang used onomatopeyics for genera vocabulary?

-- Carlos Th