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"Research Language"?

From:Kelly Drinkwater <mizunomi@...>
Date:Friday, February 1, 2008, 18:17
What should be the term, parallel to `conlang', for an invented lang
used in acquisition research? The ideas I've had are:
reslang "research language"
acqlang "acquisition-research language"
aclang "academic language"

...none of which are very nice.

I'm highly loath to use the term engelang, although research langs are
engineered in some sense. The kicker is that most research languages
are *small* -- not minimalist, just small. E.g. the one I'm working
with has all of 77 possible sentences. And half the time they don't
even refer to anything in the real world (e.g. nonsense languages for
word-segmentation studies). However this is not always the case: I was
in a segmentation study with a language that had upwards of a thousand
words. Given this, do research languages even *deserve* their own
term? (No one'd use it in published papers anyway, bah and humbug.)


David J. Peterson <dedalvs@...>