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From:Emily Zilch <emily0@...>
Date:Tuesday, June 15, 2004, 21:44
{ 20040615,0615 | John Cowan }

"'Providentials'? Ho. No one has ever proposed a word for people from
Independence, Missouri (though 'independentistas' comes to mind), nor
for Bar Harbor, Maine."

I'm a local yokel (currently in exile napoléonique) but I have managed
to get a few Rhode Islanders to say 'Providential'.

I might mention that where many people say "resident of [insert
Algonkian term here]", I have a nasty penchant for looking up the
original term in a dictionary of said language. The "Family Guy" guy is
just a Pawtucian, tho (from Pawtucket - "et" is our pronunciation of
the Narragansett LOC ending).

I also like to pleasantly parochialise to separating Rhode Islanders -
are you from the Plantation or an Islander? Since the state's name is
"State of Rhode Island & Providence Plantations" you can also say
'Providential, or Islander?' My da is an Irish Islander, commonly known
as a Native Newporter. (Rare bird, that.)

And aren't they just Independent-Missourians?

Those Mainers, tho - they're Harboreals. ;-)

"People from Poughkeepsie, N.Y. are traditionally Dorpians, but I don't
know if that usage is still remembered there."