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Random Judajca Phrase

From:Steg Belsky <draqonfayir@...>
Date:Sunday, April 18, 2004, 17:48
So i was sitting in class today and the phrase "axis mundi" popped into
my head.  And then i realized it'd be pretty easy to Judajcaize it.

So, "axis mundi" (axis of the world) in Judajca is [as> hammonEz] (or
maybe [...D], i'm not sure about what the fricative allophone of /d/
should be yet).

[s>] of course is an abbreviation for "ejective/glottalized /s/"

For those who don't remember or who weren't here, Judajca is a Judean
Romancelang (set in Ill Bethisad), which is pretty much Romance that's
been mutated to look like Hebrew (although i realized there's probably
an Aramaicized dialect in the north, which in popular opinion may be
considered 'bad Judajca' but linguists know that it just has a
different adstrate).

Judajca has oblique and construct cases, descended respectively from
Latin's nominative and genetive.

It has a definite article /ha*/ (*=geminate most following consonants),
which is descended from Latin |hujus| forced into the shape of the
Hebrew definite article.

Judajca's Semitic-style emphatic consonants developed roughly like this:
/s>/ < /?s/ < /ks/
/t>/ < /?t/ < /kt/
/k>/ < /q/ < /kw/ & /gw/

The vowels are possibly the biggest problem.

/monEd/ develops from /mund(i)/ according to the same 'segolization'
process that got Hebrew /k>odES/ from /k>udS/.

In Hebrew letters, for those who it comes out by:
אץ מנד
or possibly
אץ מונד
I'm not sure how Judajca full vs. defective spelling rules work yet.

-Stephen (Steg)