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Re: Translation exercise idea

From:Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>
Date:Wednesday, December 17, 2008, 22:07
A while back, Amanda Babcock wrote:> I noticed the other day that the Time-Life
First Questions And Answers About...> series I was reading to my son would make
great translation fodder (or, in> some cases, inspiration for conculturally
appropriate parallel texts :)> > Here are some of the topics (each answered in
about a paragraph of simple> text) in one of the books:>
In Kash.  Can't give answers, but some of the questions (mutantis mutandis) are:
> Why is the grass green?
ongar yakundroçe trufa? why 3s-green grass (alternate, colloq: yatroçe)
> Why do dandelions get fuzzy?
no such plant on Cindu :-( (and no word yet for fuzzy :-( )
> How does a dandelion grow from a seed? modified:
kambralun yawunjuk aves alo oniciyi? what-manner 3-grow flower from seed-gen
> Why do bees buzz around flowers?
ongar iñumuñ kekevula ricundrini aveç? why 3pl-buzz bee(analogue) loc-circle-poss flower-pl-- this means they are literally going in circles. Alternate, better: ongar iñumuñ kekevula cakaciyur rimorani aveç? why ..............go-in-aimless-circles loc-near-poss flower-pl
> Why do roses have thorns?
ongar yale kaniciçni tapat eleç ? why there-is thorns-poss some plant-pl
> Are flowers alive?
aka ikayi aveç? Q 3pl-live flower-pl
> How do birds build nests?
kambralun irumolu tukrimila NESTS-ni? how 3pl-caus-assemble flying-lizards NESTS-poss
> Why do birds sing different songs?
ongar ilali tukrimila çunu-çunu why 3pl-sing ... different-different
> How do birds fly?
kambralun iturin tukrimila?
> Why do some trees look smooth and some trees look rough?
Ongar ciyoñi lunjur tapat angeç, sovo angeç liya? why appear-poss. smooth some tree-pl, rough tree-pl other
> Where are all those ants going?
riyene yuno ciciç taç? to-where all insect-pl that-pl Funs !!