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Re: probably a bloody obvious question...

From:Yoon Ha Lee <yl112@...>
Date:Sunday, August 20, 2000, 22:24
On Sun, 20 Aug 2000, Marcus Smith wrote:

> Yoon Ha Lee wrote: > > >When y'all design languages, do you have a checklist or template you work > >from? I'm using the Language Construction Kit and Pablo Flores' pages > >for now--I find them an easy-to-use starting point due to my lack of > >experience. > > When I first started conlanging I used a checklist. I moved down the list, > filling in details as I went. > > Nouns: > Gender? If so, what types.
I would someday like to use a categorical gender system (a la Swahili?) but it's too much to handle right now.
> Dual or no dual? (Plural was a given).
<wry g> Whereas I'm ignoring singular/plural distinctions because that's a feature I like from Korean/Japanese.
> I began to feel like I was just assembling things, rather than creating, so I > abandoned checklists completely. Now I take a much more "organic" > approach. I > start with a basic idea of a couple features, and pursue it, devising new > traits as they come along. I have gaps in basic areas following this > procedure, but I'm filling them in as I write my grammar.
Perhaps someday I'll try that approach. As I'm still learning, though, I think I'll keep it structured until I know what I'm doing. Thanks! YHL