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Goa'uld? and 2 other questions.

From:Paul Bennett <spacey@...>
Date:Friday, May 19, 2000, 0:26
Hi All!

Having been away a while, I'd originally promised myself not to jump back
in until I'd caught back up with the list.  That just ain't gonna happen,
so I guess I'll just jump right in with my questions:

1) I've looked around the various Stargate-SG1 fansites but drawn a
complete blank.  Does anyone have any information (or suppositions) on the
various languages of Stargate, particularly the main Goa'uld langauge, of
which there seems to be a fairly large canon corpus.  For example, is it
the same as Abydonian (ie a distant cousin of Ancient Egyptian)?  However,
there's a Goa'uld "dialect" that is "similar to Latin" that's mentioned at
least once, which is worrysome, at least to me.

I'm working on my own dictionary and grammar based on some fairly piecemeal
jotting-down of cause-and-effect sequences involving the Goa'uld language,
as well as the few tantalising direct translations that are given in the
show, though it's fairly heavy going for me.

2) Do any natlangs feature "stuttered" consonants in their phoneme
inventory, i.e. a consonant duplicated very quickly, but with a full
(silent) release rather than being geminated/ambisyllabic?  I'm considering
using a few such sounds to a new lang, but I'm doubtful about how
naturalistic they sound.

3) I think posted something a while back about the "direction particle" (or
whatever I called it) in Thagojian.  I've pretty much abandoned the concept
as stated, but adapted it as a set of proclitic topic pronouns that also
serve to mark miscelaneous other stuff (though much less so than its
original remit).