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Aquí se pone su idioma. Conlang T-shirt

From:Jay Bowks <jjbowks@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 10, 1999, 14:40
>Tu lenguaje va aqu=ED >Your language goes here
>Uses Latin script. As for the "creator", if the Bard is for English, >for Spanish it could be El Manco de Lepanto, that is 'The >One-Handed One of Lepanto', i.e. Miguel de Cervantes.M/P>
Cervantes would never have said it this way he would have used the vosotros form... sompin line Aqu=ED va vuestra lengua. But the "va" ... it seems too much of an Anglicism... too Spanglish... he would have used "aparecer" Aqu=ED aparece vuestra lengua. And the word lengua is still nos as common as "idioma" or "lenguaje"... Aqu=ED aparece vuestro idioma That would sound better... and to make it more modern change the vuestro to Tu or su... and aparece to "viene" or "pone" Aqu=ED se pone su idioma. How about comments from some others ??? :-))) Since, Jay B. _---_ (ojo) `\_/'