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SV: conlang links - where are they?

From:Mefistofeles <mefistofeles@...>
Date:Friday, February 9, 2001, 18:10

Rick Harrisons Language's Lab

The Rick Mroneau Essays are at

The LangMaker program is at

-----Ursprungligt meddelande-----
Från: daniel andreasson <daniel.andreasson@...>
Datum: den 9 februari 2001 18:25
Ämne: conlang links - where are they?

>Hi all. > >I'm updating my conlang links pages for my new website >soon to go online. It went well, but there are some >important sites which I can't find. A bit further down >this mail are all the links. Please have a look and see >if I've accidently left you or your conlang out. > >Does anyone know where to find these sites: > >* Danny Wier, where is your site now? > >* "The Conlang List's Member Languages" which used to be at > Where is it now? > >* Rick Morneau's Essays, where are they? > >* Adam Parrish' Doraya, which used to be at > Where is it now? > >* Sylvia's Keleñ. Where has it moved? > >* Does anyone know who made the conlang Saprutum found at > > >* And last, but definitely not least. Where do you find the > Tokana Reference Grammar these days? > >Below is a list of the links to various conlangs that I >have collected. Does anyone on this list feel left out? >I have a nagging feeling that I'm forgetting someone, >especially some of the newer members... > >If you feel left out, PLEASE SPEAK UP! :-) > > * * * > >Almaqerin and Sitarwelas by Didier Willis. >amman îar by David Bell. >Arvandran by Laurie Gerholz. >Asiteya by Jennifer Barefoot. >Azak, Remán and Moten by Christophe Grandsire. >Baanzish by Rupert Barnes. >Brithenig by Andrew Smith. >Chevraqis by Yoon Ha Lee. >Corfeg by Daniel Morrison. >Coronese by Mikael Johansson. >Danovën and Arovën by Joshua Shinavier. >Denden by Boudewijn Rempt. >Doraya by Adam Parrish. FUNKAR EJ >Draikonik by Mario Bonassin. >Draqa by Ajin Kwai. >Draseléq by Pablo Flores. >Elenyo by James O'Connell. >Elet Anta by John Fisher. >Eloshtan by Josh Roth. >Ferochromon by H.S. Teoh. >Gladilatian by Dennis Paul Himes. >Graavgaaln by Adam Walker. >Hangkerimce by Carlos Thompson. >Hatasoe and trQal by Patrick Dunn. >Ihro by Andrew Chaney. >Keleñ by Sylvia Sotomayor. FUNKAR EJ >Lojban >Mango by Natalia Gruscha. >Mungayöd by Daniel Seriff. >Nevokányi by Nicole Perrin. >Phaleran by Tom Wier. >Rokbeigalmki by Steg Belsky. >Saalangal by Barry Garcia. >Saprutum >Sïdmak by Mia Soderquist. >Streich by Tommaso Donnarumma. >Talossán >Târuven by Taliesin. >Telek by Marcus Smith. >Teonaht by Sally Caves. >Tirehlat by Herman Miller. >Thosk by Dean Easton. >Tokana by Matt Pearson. FUNKAR EJ >Tunu by Mathias Lassailly. >Vaiysi by Luca Mangiat. >Valdyan by Irina Rempt-Drijfhout. >Verdurian by Mark Rosenfelder. >Vogu by Terrence Donnelly. >Watakassí by Nik Taylor. > > * * * > >Thanks in advance for any help you can give me, > >daniel > >-- ><> Daeselaidh goddi mis giall! <> <> ><> Lwodadh giall! <> Daniel Andreasson <>