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From:David William McKay <dwmckay@...>
Date:Tuesday, November 13, 2001, 13:43
My main interest in constructed languages is in the writing of
stories (no I haven't won the Giller ... yet).

My most immediate need isn't for a constructed language as such.
I'm contemplating a series of stories set in Saxon England (circa
900-1100 CE).  So what I really need is a Saxon word hoard and a
Saxon Name Generation system.  I no longer live in a university
town so all I got to work with is Seamus Heaney's recent
translation of Beowulf (highly recommended BTW).

Is there a Saxon vocab on the WWW?  A Gaelic and Viking one would
have certain uses as well.  Data on names?

Next step after that is to build a mage's tongue which will be
known in Saxon as Aelflic as the mages believe their tongue is
descended from the Fairie.

I've browsed the language construction kit.  The advised approach
seems to be to start with the sounds of the language.  Is there
an analysis of the sounds in Saxon and Gaelic out there already
or do I start from scratch building on my Beowulf copy?

How about Saxon (as opposed to Scandinavian) Runic alphabets?

Thanx in advance for gehealpan.



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