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Re: OT: Rant about degres Celsius (was: introduction)

From:Eric Christopherson <rakko@...>
Date:Sunday, December 9, 2001, 6:56
On Tue, Dec 04, 2001 at 04:41:31PM -0500, John Cowan wrote:
> Christophe Grandsire scripsit: > > > Sorry! It's difficult to get past the old ways :))) . I learned what an octet > > was much before I began learning English, and the symbol tends to stay even > > when you know the word :))) . > > People who speak Standardese English (as opposed to Standard English) also > talk of octets: ISO standards are invariably written in terms of them.
The main context in which I'm familiar with it is MIME types, such as "application/octet-stream" (IIRC). -- Eric Christopherson, a.k.a. Contrarian Conlanger Rakko ^_^