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The Power of Language

From:Adam Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious <aczj5@...>
Date:Saturday, September 11, 2004, 20:03
In one of the novels I'm writing (I'm currently working on two), there is a
language used by what the novel calls "al-Dajjal"(1) to indoctrinate billions
of children.  I have put the first draft of an appendix for the novel on the
internet for people to read about how language could ensue such a task.  Tell me
what you guys think -

(1) Al-Dajjal is described by Muslims as the arabic word for "the
Antichrist."  As a Christian, I heavily study the apocalyptic Bible and reread those
portions often to see if it can accurately describe current events (by the way,
the UN is taking some actions that some Christians have expected to happen in
the end times - it wasn't until they actually began these actions that I myself
believed that the UN actually has the possibility of being the Beast of the
Sea).  My dad, a Muslim, has taught me of al-Dajjal, al-Mahdi, and Isu in the
endtimes (the "Antichrist," the defeator of the "Antichrist," and Jesus) and I
eventually came to the theological conclusion that al-Dajjal will exist, but
will not be the Antichrist.  I suspect that al-Dajjal will probably be from the
UN or the Pope (although I feel that the Pope is going to gain more power in
the UN than what he has now) will be al-Dajjal because... well, you have to
read the appendixes when I publish the book ;)

This book, if not published by a publisher, will be available as an ebook for
a cheap price... probably no earlier than 10 years from now.  (Of course,
watching for "signs," I think within 10 years the antichrist will rise and won't
let me publish it ;))