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Re: Aspect vs. case; stative and dynamic verbs

From:Andrew Patterson <endipatterson@...>
Date:Sunday, November 14, 2004, 23:23
There seems to be a certain laziness among linguists when choosing terms to
describe constructs that doesn't seem to be found in other sciences. A bit
ironic considering the subject that they study.

I've had a look at cases and it seems that case involing change are
called "translative" perhaps that would be your "dynamism" as opposed
to "dynamic".

One would have thought that the obvious term for actionsart involving
change then would be "translative actionsart" not "dynamic aktionsart".

This gets even more complicated as "dynamic" also refers to modality that
refers to how the speaker or writer perceives that the subject of the
sentence would frame the interpretation of the proposition. Now to me
unless I've missed something that would be better expressed simply
as "empathetic modality".

Perhaps the best way to deal with this is to always use the category that
you are refering to: dynamic aktionsart, modality, etc.