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Why Consonants?

From:Leon Lin <leon_math@...>
Date:Friday, February 16, 2007, 19:03

It always seemed to me that vowels are more distinct and clear than
consonants (does everyone agree on this (imagine talking and listening over
a phone with static)), but many languages have evolved to using consonants
as the major indentifier for words. Here are some observations:

1. Vowels are smaller when writing, it can be seen that the vowels aeiou all
stay between the baseline and the midline (ok, well maybe the dot of the i
doesn't), but many consonants have strokes jutting out all over or under:

2. Recognizability: take out the vowels: Mt m t th clbhs tmrr(w)... or take
out the consonants: ee e a e uoue ooo (OK, so English vowels each have more
possible sounds than consonants, but that shows even more that people think
consonants are  more important. Even if I used IPA or something else, I
think the consonants would still be easier to read) Originally: Meet me at
the clubhouse tomorrow.

3. Writing systems: abjads leave out vowels. Are there any systems that
leave out consonants?



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