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General Question (fwd)

From:Yoon Ha Lee <yl112@...>
Date:Thursday, March 22, 2001, 20:59
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Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 16:37:48 EST
From: David Peterson <DigitalScream@...>
Subject: Re: General Question

<<I was raised on
classical music (especially Tchaikovsky, whom my dad loves)>>

I LOVE TCHAIKOVSKY!!!!! I have many, many albums of just the Nutcracker
(different versions), and also Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Serenade for
strings... Love jazz, too (Coltrane is my favorite, though Miles Davis and Ella
Fitzgerald and Brubeck get mentions). And I'm surprised you (Yoon Ha) haven't
heard of Michael Nyman. Maybe if you saw The Piano...? He composed the score to
that. Anyway, back to reading the FIFTY PLUS messages in my in-box--can't we
just read all the messages and make general responses?! Well, I guess not...

Alas, I have only begun my collection after years of relying on my
dad's.  :-p  I heard about the Piano but haven't seen it, but then, I see
maybe a movie every half year or so.  Tchaikovsky's ballet suites are my
favourite, especially Swan Lake, which is probably the one music piece I
would bring to a space colony if I could only bring one.