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New book on conlangs out.

From:Jim Grossmann <jimg4732@...>
Date:Saturday, July 24, 2004, 0:43

For those who came in late, here's a list of Libert's books that I got from
his site.

the link to the site:

the list of books:

Libert, A. R. (forthcoming) Ambipositions. Lincom Europa, Munich.
Libert, A. R. (2004) Artificial Descendants of Latin. Lincom Europa, Munich.
Libert, A. R. (2003) Mixed Artificial Languages. Lincom Europa, Munich.
Libert, Alan (2000) A Priori Artificial Languages. Lincom Europa, Munich
Libert, A. (1997) Beyond French Onion soup and Scotch Broth: Soups Named
After Countries, Nationalities,and Ethnic Groups. Onomastica Canadiana 79.1,
Libert, A. (1997) Some Observations on the Syntax of diekpleo:. Dhumbadji!