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Big Dipper (was: Irregularities)

From:Anton Sherwood <bronto@...>
Date:Thursday, December 20, 2001, 6:48
quoth "Thomas R. Wier"
> > The Chinese have a lovely name for [the Big Dipper]: > > The Imperial Bureaucrat.
Joe Hill wrote:
> LOL, really?
"In China the TSIEH SING, or Seven Stars, prominent in [Ursa Major], were known as the GOVERNMENT , although also called PIH TOW, the Northern Measure, which Flammarion translates the BUSHEL; while the centre of the Square was KWEI, an object of worship and a favorite stellar title in that country, as it occurs twice in their list of <sieu> [lunar stations], although there rendered the Spectre, or Striding Legs. Reeves said that the four stars of the Square were TIEN LI, the Heavenly Reason, and Edkins, in his <Religion in China>, assigns to this spot the home of the Taouist [sic] female divinity Tow Moo. Colas gives TI TCHE, the Emperor's Chariot; but this was doubtless a later designation from Jesuit teaching." -- Richard Hinckley Allen, STAR-NAMES AND THEIR MEANINGS, 1899 (Dover 1963), p.435 -- Anton Sherwood --