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OT: Semi-OT: A proposed unified Quechua-Aymara orthography

From:Danny Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Monday, May 13, 2002, 23:29
NOTE: Not really conlang-based, but possibly in the realm of conscripts
based on natscripts.

I'm just having a good day today. My daily random research has led me from
Hungary to South America. Except I never get to leave East Texas. My dad's
in Ireland visiting our ancestral homeland right now.

Anyway, I came up with just one more proposal for a unified phonological
spelling system for Quechua (which can be found in numerous dialects), and
also merged it with Aymara, according to a comparison of phonologies for

Voiceless plain stops/affricative: b d j (= /tS/) g q (= /q/) (' = /?/)
Voiceless aspirated stops/affricative: p t c (= /tS_h) k x (= q_h)
Voiceless ejective stops/affricative: p' t' c' k' x'
Voiceless fricatives: (f) s (sh = /S/) (xh = /x/) (hh = /X/) h
Nasals: m n ñ/nn (= J)
Laterals: l ll (= L)
Rhotic: r (rr)
Semivowels: w y

Vowels: a (aa) i (ii) u (uu) (e) (o)

Letters in parentheses are found in foreign words that aren't reformed to
agree with Quechua and Aymara orthography.

Note that both languages are not classified in the same family, except maybe
on a distant (Amerind) level. These are major languages in Ecuador, Peru and
Bolivia which truly get too little attention because of their lack of
official status in any country.


"Good missionaries make bad linguists."
-- Troll proverb