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From:Dan Sulani <dnsulani@...>
Date:Tuesday, November 2, 1999, 11:39
On 1 November, Pablo Flores wrote:

>Dan Sulani <dnsulani@...> wrote: > >> Today I asked an Argentinian who I work with > >Oh! Where is he from exactly? And where are *you* BTW? >
We both live in Israel. He comes from Buenos Aires (the city itself); I'm from a small town in the U.S.A.. (How small? Let's just say that I lived a 10 -15 minute walk from the woods, and the creek flowed behind the houses across the street from me.) <snip>
>> 1) asado (which he translated as grilled meat) > >Or barbecue, maybe. It's (cow) meat, with intestines, >and some other viscerae <sp?>. Including ribs, too. >How much meat? I've had over one pound... It's usually >cooked on a wire frame, just above some coal fire >(*never* in an oven or using fuel!), and the _asador_ >(the cook, that is) is traditionally granted wine or >beer while he stands on guard beside it, and greeted >with an applause when the asado is served. :) >
Interesting. <snip>
>> Can anyone tell me what locro is? > >It's a kind of stew, with cow meat, pig paws, tail, >and ears, white maize or wheat, beans of several kinds, >and some other stuff I don't know the English for. It >used to be traditionally eaten on patriotic holidays, >together with empanadas and lots of wine,
Understood. Thanks. but it's like
>eating a time bomb. And it's not easy to make -- takes >several hours.
Sounds like the felafel I prepare for my family on special occasions! :-) (I add hot red-pepper powder and extra cumin to the spiced chickpea flour before adding water, shaping it into balls and deep-frying them. Then, into the pita bread along with these, I stuff deep-fried vegetables, especially sliced eggplant and onion, french fries (chips, in British English) cut from both white potatoes and from orange sweet potatoes; not to forget the hot green peppers, sliced pickled and fresh vegetables. My kids then like to pour t'china sauce (made from sesame seeds) over the whole thing! [Not me! I know my limits! ;-) ] ) It goes down real nice. But after a while ... :-D Dan Sulani -------------------------------------------------------------------- likehsna rtem zuv tikuhnuh auag inuvuz vaka'a. A word is an awesome thing.