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Rinya is up! (was: Re: conlang links - where are they?)

From:daniel andreasson <daniel.andreasson@...>
Date:Monday, February 12, 2001, 15:34
Tommaso wrote:

> Daniel, I'm tremendously sorry. I must confess that > you don't look like an Andreas: I "just" got confused > with the real Andreas. :-( Please, accept my > apologies.
Don't worry about it! :)
> > Right now I'm so tired of Rinya. I never get anywhere with > > it and I hate the phonology. It always ends up looking like > > some kind of Quenya/Sindarin rip-off. Plus I have a million > > other things to do. But would you believe me if I said: "ASAP"? :)
> Mmm... Don't know why, but your remarks leave me a bit > doubtful on that! :-) Anyway, whatever your feelings, I still > maintain that it's a pity that the Rinya pages are not up...
Well, you've made me step out of my whining mode. Thanks! :) I've put together a very brief overview of Rinya just to get you an overall feeling. There are hardly no examples. Just raw grammar. Yeah! ;) It went really fast too. Just 30 minutes or so. I'll try and put up a page on Seimi, my Saami-Gaelic language asap too. :) It's just the basic stuff, but putting that page together made me realize how much I really like Rinya. You can reach it via the front page or go directly to: daniel -- <> "Lea eica waenaidh mae bwochath waenë, <> <> ja jordhëchaidh mae gothëje jordhëchë." <> <> <> <> <>