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Re: R: Re: Color associations

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Wednesday, September 6, 2000, 0:14
>And yeah, my color tastes have changed slightly... I still like yellow, >though not as obssessively as before :-) but now I also like shades of >green. But light green or bright green still doesn't appeal to me >though... I still prefer the darker shades of green, preferably with some >blue mixed in... ;-) but I HATE anything brown. Green with a little brown >mixed in is just disgusting to me; I tend to think of them as "dirty >greens", but that's just me. :-)
My favorite color is blue. Always has. I used to like blue only, and other colors not. But now I like red, if it's like "fire engine red" or "Chinese red" (i guess vermillion). I dont particularly like yellow, but i dont hate it. I also love dark dark greens. I do like emerald colors, or dark green jade. Within blue, i tend to like the darker shades. Cobalt blue is probably my most favorite shade of blue. In clothing I tend to head towards the dark colors. For instance, my brother likes Hawaiian style shirts. So do I, but if I get them, i will head for the more somber tones and subdued colors. My twin likes the bright colors. However, the flashiest shirts I have do have reds and oranges, but for me, they have to have a background of a darker color, and the bright colors can't dominate. As for colors I dont particularly like, yellowish browns, and greens are ugly. I have a shirt that is brown, but it's brown brown. We call the yellow greens "Baby-shit green". _____________________________________ "Courtesy is the KY Jelly of social intercourse"