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still more stuff about the T-Shirt

From:nicole perrin <nicole.eap@...>
Date:Wednesday, September 27, 2000, 21:41
To the people with vertical scripts:  great, variety is a good thing.
To all the people with native scripts:  please, do send images, because
we definitely want to be able to include them.

And an update on the search for a screen printer:

I've been looking into several places online and I think I've found
somewhere that can do pretty much what we want, and not too expensive.
White on black and black on white aren't a problem, and it's also not a
problem to have some of the t-shirts just normal short sleeve t-shirts
and some as long-sleeve t-shirts (I don't know how many people are
interested in that, but I am).  I don't have any exact prices yet,
because I don't know how many shirts would be ordered, but estimates

Short Sleeve T-shirts:
white S/M/L -- $9
white XL/XXL -- $10
black S/M/L -- $10
black XL/XXL -- $11

Long Sleeve T-shirts:
white S/M/L -- $13
white XL -- $14
black S/M/L -- $14
black XL -- $15

Now, I don't know if XXL is big enough for some people (someone
mentioned this -- Padraic maybe?), if this is a problem tell me and I'll
see if they can do a bigger size or look for somewhere else.  All the
shirts are 100% cotton.  The costs above would pretty much be the cost
of the shirt plus the cost of setting up the screen and shipping the
shirts to me divided up among how many shirts there actually are.  If
there are a lot of shirts the price may drop a little bit.  But if we
want to include a booklet with interlinears and credit for the creators
(which I think is a good idea and it seems to have a lot of support)
that's probably going to be a few dollars extra per person.  And the
costs of shipping the shirts from me to you will vary greatly as this is
a pretty international list.

I'd like to get some idea of how many people are seriously interest in
buying shirts.  So if people could email me privately
( with color size and quantity info, just so I can
get some idea of things, it would be really helpful.  Thanks a lot.