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intro to b:vz:

From:Adam Walker <dreamertwo@...>
Date:Friday, April 16, 1999, 3:24
<trumpet fanfare>

Introducing b:vz: my newest lang.

Phonetic inventory (in SAMPA):

B  voiced bilabial fricative
v  voiced labio-dental fricative
D  voiced interdental fricative
z  voiced alvolar fricative
Z  voiced postalveolar fricative
z` voiced retroflex fricative
G  voiced velar fricative
R  voiced uvular fricative
h\ voiced glottal fricative

These will be transcribed as: b,v,d,z,x,r,g,q,h

I'm still debating including the following phonemes:

j\ voiced palatal fricative
?\ voiced pharyngeal fricative
w  labio-velar aproximate

Since these do not yet have a sure place in the phonetic inventory no
transcription value yet exists.

Each of these phonemes can be realized with either of two phonemic
lengths.  The long versions are indicated by a colon (:) following the
character.  It is possible that some dialects may also have extra long
variants marked with a double colon (::).

example vocabulary:

hv:g = heart
zxd  = liver/kidney
z:x  = lung
bv   = brain
r:z  = gall bladder/pancreas

More to follow . . .

Adam Walker

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