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A late introduction

From:Walter Tsuyoshi Sano <parsec@...>
Date:Tuesday, May 14, 2002, 3:15
Well, usually I introduce myself before posting anything else,
but this is my third (or fourth) post. Anyway, here I am!

I speak [Brazilian] Portuguese as mother tongue, studied German
at school, and I'm trying to learn Italian-French-Spanish @_@
When I was 1,5 years-old, my_parents+me moved to Japan. We spent
a full year there, but soon after having come back to Brazil I
reverted back to Portuguese -- that's why I'm studying Japanese
[from the beginning] now (I don't seem to remember much from that
time, a quarter-of-a-century a-gone :)

How I got started in conlanging? I've probably stumbled across some
IAL pages, which led to conlang ones, which led to conculture and
world-building and map-making and... so on! Oh, let us not forget
that reading "The Lord of the Rings" was a... Tolkienian experience :)
Especially when you have a one-volume edition, complete with
appendices on Races, Genealogy and... Languages!
I also read "English Phonetics and Phonology", by Peter Roach.
Much of what I know about these I learned from this book.

I'm into (not necessarily in this order):
1) writing systems ("WoW! THIS is arabic? That's how it works?
   'initial', 'medial', 'final' and 'isolated' forms? HEy! THIS
   is Hangul? THIS is a featural code? Oh! So THIS is what ideograms
   are all about? whAt? In Hebrew and Arabic you may omit vowels?
   How's that possible?" and so on);
2) number systems (I've been studying soroban, the japanese abacus,
   since 1996; been teaching for four years now);
3) horology (time and timekeeping)[1] and
   calendrics (calendars, seasons, solstice etc.)[2];
4) conculture, science-fiction, RPG and the like.

My current project is more of a lablang/explang/engilang, I guess.
It's called "PaTeKo" (derived form an earlier version, "BaVeDiGo"),
a VSO-NAR language with an interesting way of naming numbers.
I'm still trying to figure out how the morphology will work,
so basically I have only the names for the base-10 numbers
(a budding sister-language is a base-12 one). The writing
system is being worked on (letters and figures).

Since I'll only have some spare time in July, I'm afraid
there won't be any webpages on my conlanguages until then.
But there will be!!

There's much more to be told,
but this must suffice for the time being :)



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