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[TEE] Re: I won't start a flame warRe: Conlang T-Shirt

From:Fabian <rhialto@...>
Date:Tuesday, November 16, 1999, 18:03
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Sent: 11 November 1999 20:18
Subject: Re: I won't start a flame war (was: Conlang T-Shirt)

> Fabian wrote: > > > I don't care what you think on that point. > > Then shove it. >
Folks, I don't need this coming into my mailbox. This wasn't the first direct attack on my approach to the design, but it shall be the last. One more Email like this, and I'm shoving the responsibility in the direction of whosoever tells me to 'shove' it. Fair enough if you don't want one then don't get one, but don't attack me for the effort I put into this. Please? Anyway, at no point did I invite public discussion of the contents, nor did I ever say the contents were up for public debate. I requested people to privately send me information on the languages so that I could decide. The plan was then to show a proposed design on a web page and for everyone to make comments on it. I expected there would be a huge argument on which languages might be excluded, so I purposely tried not to encourage a general discussion. Fact is, ask ten conlangers which language(s) should be excluded, and you can expect eleven different answers. I have blanked out the sender's address, but you know who you are. --- Incidentally, the point on which I was asked to shove it was my insistence that Esperanto be included. Now, the best argument for excluding it so far has been that it is 'too famous' and therefore does not need advertising. It's fame is precisely why it must be included, imho. To do otherwise is the definition of sour grapes, and would show us up as being political infighters. I don't believe that any of us truly want that. --- Having just got back from visiting my brother in Edinburgh, I am behind in my Email. More news later. ps. some of you may have noticed that my Email replies have been rather terse. This is due to general lack of time rather than any innate desire to be terse. --- Fabian May this missive repay the kindness of my patrons. May it mitigate the sufferings of the lost and the damned. May all that read it find their hearts turned towards Truth and Honour. and in so doing, repay me for the ardours of my labour.