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Flag: Volunteer needed

From:Adrian Morgan (aka Flesh-eating Dragon) <dragon@...>
Date:Saturday, September 11, 2004, 3:40
By about eighteen hours ago I had finished creating a workable web
form with which people could vote for their favourite flags. I
uploaded this, only to discover (shock!) that my ISP's server does not
in fact support PHP (I had simply assumed that it would). I plan to
speak to my ISP sometime and request that this state of affairs be
changed, but I can't do that on a weekend.

The bottom line is that I can't host the form. I therefore need a
volunteer who can, and is willing to do so. Note that I wrote the form
using PHP version 4.3.3 and some changes would be necessary to make it
work with earlier versions. It would be really nice to avoid that, so
I'd prefer someone with a recent version.

Apart from uploading a few files, testing the form once or twice, and
telling the list where to find it, no work is required on your part. I
can still do the job of feeding the results into the Condorcet
calculator and uploading a summary of the results. Note, however, that
the form will timestamp the submitted votes using your timezone (the
timezone your server is in), which may affect how voting should be
declared open and closed.

I consider it vital to give the form a practice run, in order to iron
out any bugs and also to get feedback on the presentation. Once
someone has uploaded it for me, and has told the list where to find
it, I would be grateful if people would submit practice votes and
comment on the output of the form. If you submit an invalid vote
(e.g. specify the same flag as both your first and second preferences,
or specify a flag that doesn't exist), the form will tell you why it
is invalid. If you submit a valid vote, the form will let you check
that it is what you intended before you submit it. I want feedback on
how well the form does these things.

In response to feedback I'll send the volunteer an updated version of
the form (and make sure they know how to reset the list of submitted
votes). After that, we'll take it from there.