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Re: Pain sounds (was: Re: A DISTURBING proposal!)

From:Dan Sulani <dnsulani@...>
Date:Thursday, February 8, 2001, 7:40
On 8 Feb, Roger Mills wrote:

>No language is complete without a good set of interjections! Here are some >in Kash-- some are contractions of normal words, note that most have >anomalous final stress, and a few violate the phonology: > ahá oho! (gotcha!) > ahú ~hu: ouch! (stronger than yahá) > alé(ñ) OK, good, agreed > añ: oof! (great effort) > ará mi... come on..., let’s.... > ayi, awu oh! (dismay, surprise, disappointment) [aj, aU] > ayó ~yo hey! hey, you! > ayoti look out! pay attention! careful! (alerting to danger) > capór get out!, beat it! scram! > cit ~cicít ssh! quiet! > coss (cosá) go on! you’re kidding! > e:, eya, ena well then, now then; ená what have we here? > ehé aha! (triumph, discovery) > felísh idiot! stupid! > fuf shit! oh, shit! (rude) > fufu, fufi nursery term for BM > huf ~hufa oof! (effort) > kaná thingy, whatchacallit (when you can’t remember a word) > kayati (~kyati) y’know? > ki ~ikí~kikí eek! yikes! (mild fright) > kok crazy! > mishi nursery/common term for urinate > na ~aná oh..., well....(the all purpose hesitation syllable) > ñu: ick, yuck > pupu... tsk tsk (shame on you) > rash damn! dammit! (forcefully [xraS]) > ritá here’s...., here it is (voici) > riyá there’s..., there it is (voilà) > shambi oh god! Omigod! Ye gods! > shishi nursery term for "sleep" > shush(u) too bad; sorry (sympathy) > tiká(s) look! behold! > tikasti pay attention! watch! > tití bye-bye, ta-ta > trok fuck! fuck it! (rude) > u: ~u:wa ooh (pleasant surprise), wow > yacít shut up! (rude) > yahá ~yah ouch! > yam run! > yup ~yuyúp hurry up! move it! >Finally there's ñar 'to roar' > ñarararrrr..., the full-volume roar the
>give out at times of great emotion, happiness, anger, grief, what have you.
It looks like a pretty good set to me. ;-) Actually, I think it's great! Now _that's_ what I call inspiring! Dan Sulani -------------------------------------------------------------------- likehsna rtem zuv tikuhnuh auag inuvuz vaka'a. A word is an awesome thing.