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Personal Introduction

From:Anthony M. Miles <theophilus88@...>
Date:Thursday, June 1, 2000, 21:52
My name is Anthony. I am twenty-three and have been conlanging on and off
for ten years. I prefer language families to isolates, although I tend not
to have long wordlists of more than one of them. I also can't resist
fiddling. My current conlang family is called the 'Gweinic' family and is
spoken on a flat world ringed by mountains by 'people' born straight from
the earth. The ancestor of the Gweinic language family is Gweinic, spoken by
the ice people and therefore possessing words such as [beraddhalej] 'an
angle between 18 and 36 degrees viewed
from directly ahead/behind'. Gweinic became Early Lahabic and Early Maradic
on two of the islands after the great melt and transmigration of souls.
Early Lahabic split into Classical Labic and Wouenic for political reasons
which I may go into in conculture. Early Maradic became Classical Maradic.
Both Classical languages have considerable borrowed vocabulary, and there is
a marine pidgin which produces a creole called Todanic.
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